Guess my bra size

How good are you at guessing boob sizes?

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Guess my bra size

Guess my bra size

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There are 5 size standards

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Can We Guess Your Age And Bra Size Based On The Colors You Choose? Color me Take This Lazy Girl Test And We'll Guess How Big Your Boobs Are. Bras are a necessity for most of us women (and some men). If you want to test our guessing abilities, let us have a go at figuring out your bra size with this quiz!. Don't be shy, we've all got 'em. Let's see if we can guess just what you've got going on.

  • September 27, pm Updated May 11, am. To help Brit women deal with their fears and ill-fitting undies, Curvy Kate has invited ladies to send a photo of themselves wearing one of their regular bras to one of their Bra Whisperer ChatBots, who will reply with the size they really need. They will also inform the customer of ways to detect when a bra may not be fitting any longer due to wash, wear and bra usage. Curvy Kate hope to educate their customers so that going forward they will have a greater understanding and be confident in being able to know the size that will work for them.

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Don't be shy, we've all got 'em. Let's see if we can guess just what you've got going on.

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Guess my bra size

Guess my bra size

Guess my bra size

Can You Define All of These Cosmetics Terms?

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Only seven questions and we'll reveal it!

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Can We Guess Your Bra Cup Size? Only seven questions and we'll reveal it! Jessa Johansson. Created By Jessa Johansson. On Feb 20, How good are you at guessing boob sizes? Zambia, Zimbabwe. Your country's sizing standard is: US/Canada. START GAME. LEARN MORE ABOUT SIZES. Answer seven simple questions and we will try our best to figure out what your bra size is! You know you're curious to see if we can get it right, so let's get started . We BET we can guess your bra size in less than 10 questions. Seriously. All you' ve gotta do is answer these eight questions honestly, and we'll deliver our. Going to be fitted for a bra could be a thing of the past thanks to a new app. Underwear brand Curvy Kate claims that its new chatbot is able to. 34C. There's no way she has a bandwidth of 38 and unless it's like a crazy push up bra she's bigger than a B. Guess my bra size

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Guess my bra size

Guess my bra size


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