Need a quickie

5 Quickie Sex Positions When You Literally Can't Wait

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Need a quickie

Need a quickie

Need a quickie

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But, to make it meaningful, most people have to revamp their idea of what a quickie even means, says Kristen Lilla, an AASECT certified sex. The "quickie" is often celebrated as a fun way to have sex without taking any real time out of your day. But the logistics aren't exactly. Here are the five best sex positions for a quickie. If you don't have a removable showerhead (and you need to get one at once — I must insist).

  • Quickies get an unfairly bad reputation for being rushed and unsatisfying. But too much of anything — yes, even super-slow, intimate sex with much eye-gazing, touching of souls, and whatnot — becomes "blah" if that's all that's going on. Plus, quickies are all kinds of fun.

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Need a quickie

Need a quickie

Need a quickie

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A quickie is sexual intercourse that a couple may engage in when the time available is very Pleasure: A Woman's Guide to Getting the Sex You Need, Want, and Deserve. Perigee. ISBN ^ Jump up to: William Cutrer ( ). When two people have sexual intercourse in a short amount of time. If innocence is the first casualty of war, then free time is the first casualty of fatherhood. And it comes with collateral damage: the loss of good. Experts agree: Quickies can be a good way to spice up your sex life. Here are tips to have sex anywhere, and the best sex positions for when. In my mind, the anticipation of a quickie can make the need for extended foreplay unnecessary. Therefore, I feel a quickie should be just till. Quickies are the pizza dinner of the sex world: easy, fast, and enjoyed by almost everyone. Here are the best places to have quickie sex when. A short time doesn't have to be a bad time — here's how to make the most of it. Need a quickie

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Need a quickie

Need a quickie

I Need A Quickie - Volume 1

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