What is your favorite dinosaur

What Does Your Favorite Dinosaur Say About You?

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What is your favorite dinosaur

What is your favorite dinosaur

What is your favorite dinosaur

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Everyone has a favorite dinosaur, whether it's an All-World all-star like Tyrannosaurus Rex or a third-string dark horse like Iguanodon. But did. Pachycephalosaurus is and always has been my favorite. .. its bigger skull helped me justify my belief that it was one of the smarter dinosaurs. I love all dinosaurs really. But if I have to list my favorites We'll start with my favorite group, the dromaeosaurids. My top favorites: Velociraptor.

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Find out what dinosaur fits your personality!

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What is your favorite dinosaur

What is your favorite dinosaur

What is your favorite dinosaur

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This is a list of some people and their favorite dinosaurs. All of these encounters have actually happened. My favorite dinosaur is velociraptor. It had a large brain, powerful hind legs, clawed hands, sharp teeth and was a carnivore. In fact, it was the. a different dinosaur (Tell us what!) Language Undefined. Log in or register to post comments. Help and Support. Getting started for kids · House rules for kids. I love all dinosaurs, it'd be hard to pick one type as my favorite. Doing an inventory of my plushies, I have two apatosaurs, two stegosaurs. Select your favorite dinosaur and select Vote or view results. Select from Tyrannosaurus, Velociraptor, Triceratops, Stegosaurus, Brachiosaurus and more!. WHAT YOUR FAVORITE DINOSAUR SAYS ABOUT YOU. •. Tyrannosaurs Rex. You haven't thought much about dinosaurs. •. Velociraptor. All your knowledge. Parents love their kids. It is likely, then, that your child has already pressed you on what you consider to be your favorite dinosaur. But did you. What is your favorite dinosaur

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What is your favorite dinosaur

What is your favorite dinosaur

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