Woman pregnant by 3d film

: monster 3d pregnant

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Woman pregnant by 3d film

Woman pregnant by 3d film

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A report that a while woman explained away her black child by claiming she became pregnant from viewing a 3D porn film was a hoax. Woman claims watching 3D film made her pregnant. AddThis Sharing Buttons. Share to Facebook Share to Twitter Share to Email Share to. A couple of days ago a Brazilian on-line newspaper Sensacionalista carried a fake story of a white American woman who claimed that she became pregnant to the black actor who was 'performing' in a 3D porn movie she watched. The online "newspaper" sensacionalista is actually a fake.

  • This has been posted on Facebook a lot today despite being back from mid Seriously, before you re-post, do some utterly basic fact-checking or risk looking like an idiot. Share this: Reddit Facebook Tumblr Twitter.

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Woman pregnant by 3d film

Woman pregnant by 3d film

Woman pregnant by 3d film

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White Woman Claims Watching 3D Film Made Her Pregnant w/ Black The very surprised woman claimed she had become pregnant while. Except she didn't, because it's a hoax. This has been posted on Facebook a lot today despite being back from mid For some reason it's. Woman claims watching 3D film made her pregnant A white American couple had a black baby, and the woman claimed she had become pregnant watching a . White Woman Claims Watching 3-D Movie Made Her Pregnant With A Black Child told him the baby had been conceived while she watched a 3-D porno film in a Alternate explanation: An out of control 3D printer did it!. I get a lot of these crazy emails, doubt its true but in this world of ours you never know:) 10/25/ 1. sgt The husband must be retarded to believe such a. This woman, who is in a couple who are both white, believes that watching a 3D porno made her pregnant, with a black baby. Its funny also, its a cinema, meaning others were there, did the others get pregnant as well? No. So a woman swears she was impregnated after watching 3D porn Shocking Woman gets pregnant by 3D porn. 2 min read The films in 3D are very real. Woman pregnant by 3d film

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Woman pregnant by 3d film

Woman pregnant by 3d film

Rigged Cartoon Pregnant Woman 3D Model

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