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Who uses gynesexual?

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Queer people use the term "allocishet" or often just "cishet" as short hand to refer to people who are not queer. It's more accurate than saying "a straight person". Allosexual is a term used most commonly in the asexual community to refer to someone who is not asexual. Someone who is allosexual is someone who experiences sexual attraction. #allosexuality#asexuality#alloromantic#alloromanticism#allo#asexual community#aven#sexuality#sexual. It's the opposite of asexual. Some asexuals want to use it to avoid the 'otherness'. It's like trans and cis. I think there isn't official term for a.

  • For further explanation of terms used in this post, please see here. When you use the term, people like this see you as a potential ally, and aces and aros who have been targeted this way have to consider if you are a threat. It is a flag indicating that you are safe. Using not-queer, or other similar phrases, prevents your language from gatekeeping who belongs in the queer community.

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Just in case anyone (*cough* allo queer people *cough*) needs a reminder that allocishet people do not see aro and ace people as one of. I've been meaning to provide a comprehensive overview of the so-called “ace discourse” that seems to course through the internet every few. In my experience, there's a huge interest from allocishet communities to provoke queer in-fighting (4chan campaigns to masquerade as gay. Something I've noticed since I came out last year is well-meaning allocishet* people put their ever-loving feet in it on a pretty regular basis. Books written by allocishet women, (probably men too, but I've never read any m/ m that I know was written by a straight guy) lack so much. Alternatives like "allocishet" or "not-queer" clearly indicate that you are being inclusive of aces and aros. For further explanation of terms used in. please, use allocishet or non-queer when you make posts, and be supportive of your aspec followers who will probably be facing an increased level of bs this. Allocishet

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